Participatory Land Use Planning for Sustainable Development
February 2018
Participatory land-use planning for sustainable development in MaeTha subdistrict in Chiangmai, Thailand by Kon.Jai.Baan architect, CODI and MaeTha people.
In Search of Tourism with Dignity
15 July 2017
How can we develop tourism with communities with dignity? Keeping the question in mind POCAA and Co.Creation.Architects with the support from Panigram resort have started a journey with the communities.
Co-Creation ChumSaeng City
July 2016
The 4th Annual Workshop of Community Architects Network (CAN-ASIA) organized in collaboration with ASA-CAN Thailand in July 2016.
Co-Creation City-Wide Upgrading Workshop in Yangon
23 November 2016
Co-Creation City-Wide Upgrading Workshop in Yangon 67 Ward Dagonsikkan Township Yangon, Myanmar 19-23 November 2016
Community-led Reconstruction Workshop, Nepal
Rebuilding the Settlements with Thecho and Machhegaun community in Nepal
“Reviving positive coexistence with canal in the city”, Bangladesh
“It’s a Happening” a community project by Suhailey Farzana with Parween Rahman Fellowship 2015