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South Korea
CAN Korea is a group of architects engaged in the ACCA program, working either with communities in Seoul, or with community organisers promoting the use of vernacular architecture. The network was launched after the 2012 workshop with vinyl house communities in Seoul. More information, please visit http://cankorea.net/
Since 2010, a network of community actors in Thailand has gathered formed entitled Community Acts Network (CAN) to promote the people-driven design approach and community development projects to wider public. Recently, CAN Thailand is a part of Association of Siamese Architects (ASA). For more information, visit www.facebook.com/CommunityActNetwork
Lumanti Support Group for Shelter is the key NGO in Nepal working to support the urban poor. It was established in 1993, in a situation where the squatters didn’t know each other and lots of evictions were happening. They began supporting communities in Kathmandu in 1998, using community surveys and savings to bring people together. Gradually, they began doing training programs, exchange visits to other countries, children’s groups, upgrading activities, water and sanitation projects, and invited the municipality to see all these projects. More Information at http://lumanti.org.np/cms/
Sri Lanka
Tibetan Regions
Tibet Heritage Fund (THF) is a group of people from Asian and European countries who have been working in Tibet for almost 20 years to restore traditional Tibetan houses, neighborhoods and monasteries. They use the restoration process to revive the traditional building crafts and cultural practices which go into these beautiful buildings and which have been under serious threat in the context of China’s control over Tibet. THF and its local NGO partner (LOTI) have been working in Leh since 2003. After carrying out a survey in the old town, they established a local working team which since 2005 has been engaged in upgrading both houses and infrastructure, with good support from the municipal government. More information at www.tibetheritagefund.org/pages/home.php
United Kingdom
CAN is in partnership with DPU, UCL. The Development Planning Unit conducts world-leading research and postgraduate teaching that helps to build the capacity of national governments, local authorities, NGOs, aid agencies and businesses working towards socially just and sustainable development in the global south. More information at http://www.bartlett.ucl.ac.uk/dpu
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