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HomeNews & ActivitesTHE HERITAGE WORKSHOP 2015 in Kathmandu
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact: Lumanti Support Group for Shelter
LUMANTI Support Group for Shelter, in partnership with Community Women Forum (CWF) is conducting a week long HERITAGE WORKSHOP in Kathmandu commencing from 23 March till 29 March 2015.
The workshop is aimed to bring communities in different peri-urban communities in Kathmandu and think collectively their status as old heritage towns. The workshop will also help to make space for architects, planners etc to support the community process in the ground. In addition, it will also help in creating a platform for the communities to partner with the National government. It is expected that The workshop will bring all the stakeholders together to think about their future as a community, a settlement and use the workshop to develop plans for upgrading in one of the peri-urban communities, Machhegoan and use this as a demonstration process for other settlement.

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