February 2017
Living It Down: Life after Relocation in Colombo
Size: 11481 MB
A report prepared on families  relocated in high-rise apartments under the "Urban Regeneration Project" of the Urban Development Authority (UDA) in Colombo.
September 2016
CAN Co-Create: Exploring the co-creation of space with nature in community development
Size: 16578 MB
A Report on the 4th Community Architects Network Regional Workshop in Chum Saeng, Nakhon Sawan, Thailand 
March 2013
CAN's Comprehensive Report of their Activities 2010 -2012
Size: 3448 MB
Since 2010 as the network and networking started, there are 27 groups of young professionas lin 17 Asian countries - working on participatory design and planning, city-wide mapping and surveys, seeking design solutions to improve quality of life and health of community, as well as training community builders.
June 2010
Regional Architects Meeting in Chiang Mai
Size: 8992 MB
The panel discussions held at the meeting are summarised and scripts available for download Here.
The Regional Community Architects Meeting which ACHR organized in Chiang Mai (June 12-16, 2010) may very well have been the biggest-yet gathering of young COMMUNITY ARCHITECTS in Asia. 125 people joined the meeting, hosted by Chiang Mai University's Architecture Faculty, and held (at least initially) in the leafy, open-aired "Umbrella Courtyard".
Present were community architects and planners - mostly youngish and idealistic, but there were also some mid-career and senior community architects from around Asia, with a few friends from southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Colombia. There were also community leaders from several Asian countries who are veterans of their own community design and construction projects, and a team from the Chang Chumchon community builders network in Thailand.