February 2019
CAN Workshop in Pontianak
Size: 12406 MB
A Report on the 5th Community Architects Network Regional Workshop in Kampung Beting, Pontianak, Indonesia 
February 2017
Living It Down: Life after Relocation in Colombo
Size: 11481 MB
A report prepared on families  relocated in high-rise apartments under the "Urban Regeneration Project" of the Urban Development Authority (UDA) in Colombo.
September 2016
CAN Co-Create: Exploring the co-creation of space with nature in community development
Size: 16578 MB
A Report on the 4th Community Architects Network Regional Workshop in Chum Saeng, Nakhon Sawan, Thailand 
March 2013
CAN's Comprehensive Report of their Activities 2010 -2012
Size: 3448 MB
Since 2010 as the network and networking started, there are 27 groups of young professionas lin 17 Asian countries - working on participatory design and planning, city-wide mapping and surveys, seeking design solutions to improve quality of life and health of community, as well as training community builders.