"We are all Ninja Turtles of mapping"
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Perween was with us in Bangkok, just two short weeks ago, for the big ACHR regional gathering, which took place February 23 - 28, 2013 - one of the rare regional meetings this busy and committed woman agreed to leave her work in Karachi to attend. On the second day of the meeting, during the special session on community surveys and mapping, Perween and her colleagues made a delightful and inspiring presentation about the maps they have been making and using for the last 32 years in Karachi and other parts of Pakistan."We're all mappers," she told us, in that voice of hers, which went up and down the scale like a flute. "We love maps! We are all the Ninja Turtles of mapping! Maps are to our work what x-rays are to a doctor's: they tell us where the problem is and how to resolve it." Although we couldn't have known it at the time, this was Perween's last presentation to her friends and colleagues in Asia, her farewell message to us. Here is the fully transcribed text of Perween's presentation.

Oct 2012
Environment and Urbanization
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The role of community architects in upgrading:  reflecting on the experience in Asia  
Written for the October 2012 issue of IIED's journal, "Environment and Urbanization" 
The role of community architects, professors, universities and para-architects in the ACCA process (written by Nad, May and the Indonesia team, with support from the ACHR secretariat and Martin Mulenga at IIED)
January 2011
The Matina Crossing Communities and Bamboo Footbridge Story
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The Matina Bamboo Footbridge in Davao City became a symbol of unity and hope for the three community associations of Barangay 74-A Matina Crossing Communities residing in the Arroyo Compound. Each bamboo member of the bridge represents each member of the association who are joined and connected to achieve a unique and amazing piece of architecture and engineering. Together, these bamboo members form an arched bridge with a span of twenty-three meters over the silent and very unpredictable Matina River.